Jonna Isaac


No nonsense, and yet , mostly nonsense.

Design and illustration

for human beings. 


It's me, pretending to be a restaurant critic.

I do love deviled eggs, so, it seemed appropriate.


Jonna Isaac

Jonna Isaac is a graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in understanding client and user needs and creating designs that enable them to reach their goals and smile while doing so. She loves creating smart, surprising, flexible, and delightful experiences, and appreciates the challenges and constraints of designing for human beings. It makes her heart happy to create things that make life better.


Jonna has been designing for over 15 years, with both in-house and agency experience. She graduated from Woodbury University in 2003 with a BS in Graphic Design and a minor in Fashion Design. From there, she designed and illustrated as part of an in-house creative team with work ranging from educational materials for children, to large-scale event graphics. In 2010, she transitioned to a small web design agency, specializing in user experience, interaction, and front-end development. She currently works in both print and digital, with a particular passion for illustration and lettering.





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